Model  Crusader Ships Anchored in Acre Harbour

Part 2

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This model belongs to the exhibition
Castles and Bazares in Crusader Times. It shows two prototype ships of crusaders: The first one a galley called Tarida, the second one in the background a ship of pilgrims called Nave. 650 handcrafted figures in miniature are setting the stage. The scene takes place about 1280, just before siege and conquest of Akkon by Mameluks.

A „Nave“ crowded by pilgrims travelling back home

The harbour is crowded. There are so many people, so you can imagine they are making a lot of noise.

Outside the walls of the Frankish customs facilities, the „Court of Chain“

Inside the walls of the Frankish customs facilities, the „Court of Chain“

Chests and barrels are removed from the quai. 30 Horses are leaving the galley

Monks while an expert discussion

People beckoning ashore:

and upon the ships

Still theres a lot of derangement upon the „Nave“ which has a capacity of 450 persons.

Thiefs away „on business“

Life at harbour is brisk

Beckoning pilgrims waiting fort he next ship



Parading prisoners

Curious and beckoning people at the window

Writers serve up the maintenance of administration 

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