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Forthcoming Exhibition Castles and Bazars in Crusader Times

Model of Aleppo Bazar (Syria)

At the exhibition Ex Oriente that was organised in Aachen in summer 2003, the GIB presented the then incomplete model of the Bazar of Aleppo and „Explanations on the Model of the Bazar of Aleppo“ for any further information.

Completing the Model of the Bazar of Aleppo.

The Bazar of Aleppo was first presented to the public, along with the Donjon of Coucy, in an exhibition entitled “From Aleppo to Coucy – From the Orient to the Occident” in the Haus der Architekten in Düsseldorf April – June 2004. From September 2005 onwards, the Bazar will be part of the exhibition “Castles and Bazars in Crusader Times”, along with the model of the siege by Sultan Baibar of the castle of the Knights of St John, Krak des Chevaliers, as it took place in ...

The model of Aleppo Bazar includes 700 figures showing Arab life in one of the most important market centres in in the medieval Near East.

To people the model of the Bazar of Aleppo and the figures were created by interns working at the GIB office. They were supported by students of a local school who helped with handpainting those figurines ( please see also: press reports ). This project presented the students with a great challenge as well as insights into a foreign culture.

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Impressions from Aleppo's bazar

Model of Aleppo Bazar, as featured as part of the Ex oriente Exhibition in the Council Offices in Katschhof, Aachen from 30th June - 28th September 2003.

Explanation of model of Aleppo Bazaar


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