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Exhibition Castles and Bazars in Crusader Times

Contents of information boards

This exhibit shows 60 boards with information based on the latest scientific findings. The pattern followed will be the one that was used for the exhibit “French Donjons” seeing that this was highly appreciated. The boards carry both general topics relating to the GIB’s work as well as ourstanding single aspects.

 The Knightly Orders are shown to be one of the main actors as they were leading castle building in the 13th century. At the same time, adequate prominence is given over to Muslim castles and fortification of cities. Different cultural and religious perspectives will combine to establish the historical contexts, supported by specifically created maps.

The exhibit is mainly on castles situated in the Levant, it is true, but other issues, cultural and political, that determined the late Middle Ages will also be considered. Thus southern and eastern Europe will be included in the information provided, for instance the withdrawal moves of the Knightly Orders when the crusader states failed in the East.



Dr. Jürgen Jansen, Aachen
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