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Exhibition Castles 1 : 25 – Middle ages in mock-up



During the exhibition Castles 1 : 25 – Middle ages in mock-ups that took place in Bonn between 20th of May and 18th of October, we had for the first time the opportunity to present all the mock-ups we ever designed: Donjon of Coucy, French Tournament, Castel del Monte, Crusader Ships in the Harbour of Acre, Crac des Chevaliers, Muslim Counterweight Trebuchets, Bazaar of Aleppo and Oriental Impressions. Furthermore, we could present several functional models serving for pedagogical purposes. Every mock-up was foreseen with a description of all figures and scenes that could be given to the visitors.
For that occasion, we also made use of several informative panels developed for our exhibitions Castles and Bazaars in Crusader Times and French Donjons and worked out new panels concerning the Harbour of Acre and Castel del Monte, Medieval Shipping and Ship Building and Muslim technologies as clock-making.
On several screens in the entrance zone and near the cash desk, a film of about 10 minutes presented a lot of details from all the mock-ups. Moreover, a slide show on French Donjons gave intense impressions of the remains of medieval castles in France.

The exciting "megashow" attracted exactly 60.111 visitors and gave an idea of how our organization GIB could imagine an own museum presenting its mock-ups as threedimensional prsentation of oriental and occidental medieval settings. Since 2006, our chairman has been looking for appropriate exposition possibilities, in a castle, a church or a monastery, in order to establish such a museum with a strong regional attraction in the area Germany-Belgium-Netherlands.

Posters and flyers are available on CD. We are sorry the exhibition catalogue is sold out at present; a more complete version may be produced at short notice. There are also 12 postcards with prints of models shown in the exhibition.For any information on this exhibition go to and contact Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Siepen, Gesellschaft für Internationale Burgenkunde, Grindelweg 4, 52076 Aachen, Tel. 0241-604500, Fax 0241 – 604070.

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